2010 in Review: Bluebeard’s Machine

| January 2, 2011

Bluebeard’s Machine in 2010.

A Recommended Reading List from Mrs. Giggles

| December 22, 2010

Check it out – the Silk, Steel and Steam anthology made it onto Mrs. Giggles’ recommended reading list, and with some serious heavy-weights as companions!

Review #2

| December 6, 2010

Mrs. Giggles has reviewed Bluebeard’s Machine!

Isaac’s Library

| November 29, 2010

A Popular History of British Seaweeds, by Rev. D. Landsborough, published c. 1857.

Sex and My Mum

| November 23, 2010

My family is wacky and wild, but talking about sex is The Great Taboo.

It’s here! It’s here!

| November 9, 2010

Haha! I was so busy nervously biting my nails and doing multiple vanity searches I forgot to post here that Bluebeard’s Machine is now available!

Good Friends

| November 8, 2010

Tomorrow is the release day for Bluebeard’s Machine. That I have butterflies in my stomach should go without saying. Squee! If you can’t wait, head on over to my very good friend Moira Rogers’ blog, where Bree is giving away 5 sparkly digital copies of my little novella. All you have to do is answer […]

One Week!

| November 2, 2010

Bluebeard’s Machine will be released in exactly 7 days. This is very exciting news. 🙂

To fill your time until then (because I know everyone will be waiting with bated breath), may I bring you a video of an automaton caterpillar built in 1820?

An Interview, and what happens when my boyfriend and I compete

| October 22, 2010

19 days until Bluebeard’s Machine is released, my interview is up over at Meljean Brook’s blog, and my non-writer carpenter boyfriend wins a storytelling prize when I couldn’t.

22 days and counting

| October 19, 2010

If you haven’t been following the brilliant blog of brilliant author Meljean Brook, you should be.