RT Book Review Interview

| January 28, 2011

Tilda Booth, Sahara Kelly and I were interviewed over at the RT Book Review blog, and what a fantastic interview! Morgan Doremus asked some very thought-provoking questions that were a real treat to answer.

Steampunk Week at Selena Illyria’s Blog

| January 26, 2011

It’s Steampunk Week over at Selena Illyria’s blog, and Selena was kind enough to invite me over to contribute! Naturally I had no idea what to write. After what seemed like months of brain-wracking I was able to contribute (abridged) explanation of how Bluebeard’s Machine came to be.

My Personal Romance

| January 20, 2011

I said yes.


| January 8, 2011

It snowed between 15 and 20 cm last night (6 – 8 inches) and is expected to snow another 10 cm (4 inches) here before this weather system continues its ponderous way south. In its wake is an artic air mass that promises cold and shivering.

Waiting for Lightning

| January 6, 2011

The last two days were ‘reworking a trunked story’ days. I’d submitted it several times to various magazines last year, and had recieved several rejections in return. A few editors commented that they liked the story, but “the writing was too distancing”.

Review #3

| January 3, 2011

Bluebeard’s Machine is off to an early 2011 start with a review from Long and Short Romance Reviews, which you can read by following the button-link. I think it’s a fair review. Thanks for the love! I don’t actually have anything else to add, except that Archaeology Magazine has submitted their Top 10 Discoveries for […]

2010 in Review: Bluebeard’s Machine

| January 2, 2011

Bluebeard’s Machine in 2010.