Ebooks: An Open Letter

| June 25, 2011

Dear E-Book publishers, I am a voracious reader. This is why, when I go on a trip, I like to load my lovely Sony ereader up with all sorts of wonderful reading material. My ereader means I don’t have to lug 50lbs of books around to keep myself occupied in order to keep from going […]

Interview: Scribbling Ninjas!

| June 20, 2011

Keith Melton interviewed me for the Scribbling Ninjas aeons ago, and offered to do one of his amazing ms paint pictures to accompany it. He asked what I should draw. Then I gave him a list of things which are cool, never thinking he’d actually draw all of it.

New Review!

| June 18, 2011

Caffey over at Caffey’s Reads reviewed Bluebeard’s Machine – click the links to see what she thinks!

The Big Bad IPad Contest is Over!

| June 14, 2011

Thanks to Moira Rogers and Vivian Arend for their hard work organizing that epic contest of epicness, a bigger thanks to everyone who entered, and for the winners: Week One – Denise Dickson Week Two – Rose Germano Week Three – Deborah Dahlin Week Four – Mary Anderson Grand Prize iPad Winner… Carol Thompson Congratulations! […]


| June 7, 2011

Spam. I have so much of it. Therefore, comments will be closed until further notice (i.e. I figure out how to reduce the load). In other news, I bought onions for the first time in my life. Onions aren’t a food, but I thought I’d give serving them to guests a whirl. Who knows – […]