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It’s Daring Cooks reveal week.

Okay, it was actually Daring Cooks reveal day on the 14th, but I’m late. Sue me.  Anyways, here’s that infamous blog checking line:

Our hostesses this month, Evelyne of Cheap Ethnic Eatz, and Valerie of a The Chocolate Bunny, chose delicious pate with freshly baked bread as their June Daring Cook’s challenge! They’ve provided us with 4 different pate recipes to choose from and are allowing us to go wild with our homemade bread choice.

You can findlast month’s recipes here, if you’re interested.

I made the trout pate, mostly because a) I ran out of time, and b) the ingredients were easy to get. Mostly. Instead of trout I substituted sole, and I used black pepper instead of green. It was also the first time I’d cooked and deveined raw shrimp or flambéd anything, which was heaps of fun.

I was a little disturbed when the sole and shrimp came out of the blender with the consistency of instant mashed potatoes, but I poked it into a little loaf pan and threw it into the oven anyway. It came out deliciously peppery.

Baking the baguettes was more of a challenge. I covered the starter with a tea towel instead of saran wrap, but it’s so dry here that it didn’t rise properly. The end result was sort of… doughy and hard… but the loafs crackled deliciously when they came out of the oven.

What I should have done was talk to my downstairs baker neighbour beforehand. While sharing lobster & cream cheese wontons in my kitchen the day after, she mentioned that putting the rising dough in the oven with a bunch of pans of water would really help make things light and fluffy. Ah, hindsight!

And there’s the finished challenge, together at last. It tasted better than it looks, and underscores the need to improve my food photography.


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