How I spent my Friday night

The WIP is officially Draft 2.

That’s right. It’s done. I wrote ‘the end’. Oh, happy day!! *air punch*

There’s still a lot to do – I want to add another storyline, tidy up my world building (I changed my world half ways through) and just.. make it better. But. It’s done. A little cyberpunky goodness with a heaping tablespoonful of saving the boyfriend and a dash of love triangles, for extra flavour without the flab.

And then onto project #3… still not Steampunk #2, but something oh-so-deliciously fun anyways.

I know all this sounds very mysterious and whatnot, but I’m somewhat cautious about tooting my own horn before my writing is finished in its entirety. There is still time for me to get bored and wander off half ways through edits. There’s still time for the as-of-yet unwritten project #3 to suck so mightily that I’ll wander away half way though draft 1. Other things could go horribly, irreversibly wrong.

But not this draft. Because you know what? This draft of my WIP is now officially Draft 2.



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