It’s alive!!

I fell down a rabbit hole.

Well, no, I didn’t, but it beats “I’m kind of lazy” as an excuse for not posting here. Something. Anything.

I could comment on Dorchester and why avoiding the imprint is probably a good thing, but I don’t feel I have anything insightful to add. A publisher that doesn’t pay its authors and sells things it has no rights to is acting like a criminal.

I could comment on Amanda Hocking, her self-publishing success and subsequent deal with a major publisher, but I won’t. Except to say “Good on you, Amanda! You go, girl!” because a) self-publishing is hard and b) she is reaping the rewards of her success in the manner of her choosing.

I could comment on how it’s still %^#@ winter here, there is over two feet of snow in my front yard (and back, but who is counting?) and I am desperate to wear cute shoes. Flats, wedges, sandals, heels, shoes with bows on them… I don’t care as long as they are a) not insulated and b) aren’t the same pair of suede boots I’ve been wearing since November.

I will comment on my writing. I have three projects on the go, all of them receiving more or less thought and attention depending on my mood, the direction of the wind, and whether or not a camel spits in the Sahara desert.

Project #1: A cyberpunk romance. Draft 1 is complete at 45,451 words. This is the longest manuscript I’ve ever written. It’s also a Right Royal Mess, and I’ve been putting off editing and writing in the second POV/plotline because I managed to delete my editing notes about 8,000 words from the end.

Project #2: A superhero novella. Also a romance. It’s in the WIP stage and currently sitting at 11,270 words. I’ve worked in a Monty Python reference, and I think I’m procrastinating on Project #1 because this thing is so much fun to write.

Project #3: The Way Crows Sing is a reworked fairy tale short story currently included in a fairy tale anthology since, oh, August 2008. The editors have yet to secure a publisher and I have yet to sign a contract. Needless to say I’m getting a little impatient. I think it’s time to give it a bit of spit & polish and start submitting it to other venues. I really like the story and I’d like to have it read.

My plan is to keep pecking away at Projects #1, 2 and 3 until they’re all done. By then it’ll probably be winter again and I’ll have to pull out those damned suede boots, but first I have 489 spam comments to delete.



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