A Quick Blog Update

Wow, has it been a month already? Time has flown, amazingly quickly. Speaking of time, I don’t have much before I have to run and catch the bus*, but in no particular order here are a few interesting things that have happened of late:

  • Moira Rogers’ Wilder’s Mate is Smart Bitches’ book club choice for May. Good choice! Steampunk + werewolves = awesomeness. I’m slightly biased because I got to read a draft before it made it to the bookstore floor. Web page. Whatever.
  • My short story, “The Way Crows Sing”, is finally making it into an anthology. The anthology will be edited by Michelle Acker and distributed by Damnation Books, and has a release date of December 1, 2011. The story was initially accepted into the anthology in 2008, so I guess the lesson here is patience?
  • I’ve been accepted into a Masters (Planning) program at the University of Calgary, which means that after 6 years of being gainfully employed I’m going back to KD, poverty and all night essay writing sessions. Naturally, I’m thrilled. Therefore, I will either write less (because all my energy will be directed towards school) or more (because I will procrastinate mightily). The latter is more likely. Naturally, I’m thrilled.
  • I just voted. I’m a good Canadian that way, and I’d encourage others to go out and do it, too. That way I don’t have to smack you 6 months from now when you complain about politics.

And that’s the round up for April. I blame House of Leaves. A person can get lost in there.


*Posted, as you may note, in the evening, but written in the morning. I had to run for the bus!


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