Ebooks: An Open Letter

Dear E-Book publishers,

I am a voracious reader. This is why, when I go on a trip, I like to load my lovely Sony ereader up with all sorts of wonderful reading material. My ereader means I don’t have to lug 50lbs of books around to keep myself occupied in order to keep from going ape-shit on airplanes.

But seriously. WTF is up with no letting me read certain books because I’m Canadian? Big name books, too, like “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Or yummy romance novels like “Follow my Lead” by Kate Noble (as a side note, normally I’d link these titles but I can’t because they’re not available in Canada).

Seriously. I live in Canada. Not Uzbekistan. Not Lesotho. Canada. Ever hear of it?

I want to give you my money. I would love to give you my money. Please let me give you my money!

Stop being a hater.

No love,



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