Dark Wood

Okay, I admit… this is a totally biased recommendation of a friend’s work. Reading and reccomending friends’ work is always tricky because what if they suck!? What if their writing is so terrible it’ll tarnish your reputation as a lover-of-words and cultural touchstone (I like to tell myself that’s what people say about me behind my back) and you’ll forever be blacklisted because of it!?!?!?

(I am dramatic today)

Thankfully, Tiffani’s book did not suck. I, in fact, enjoyed it. And if you like high fantasy, you should totally check out  Dark Wood. From Amazon:

Bitter and disillusioned, Nící, a member of a race of fox people known as Kitsüns, has been running from her bloody past and her sister’s ghost for almost twenty summers. In her travels through the Lochren Range with the Tenjic, a clan of fierce fighters and clever misfits, she thought she had seen it all. Every nightmare and horror story monster the Range threw at them, Nící and the Tenjic had faced down. Nící even had trade arrangements with a few of those monsters. But when a pack of rogue werewolves abducts Ruse, her brother and only remaining family, Nící learns that there is something far worse than water demons and trolls lurking in the Range. Nící will have to face her past if she stands any chance of saving her brother from an ancient threat that hasn’t been seen for generations.


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