7+17+70 = adorable

I have a thing for old pictures.

Like, a really big thing. Like, I go to antique stores and spend hours picking through prints, looking for the very best rejects from someone’s c.1900 family album. I have a tin full of old photographs of dashing men with moustaches and ginormous fur coats and terrified young women in long dresses. I don’t know their names, or if they fell in love, had children, liked to read, rode bicycles, ate Campbell’s tomato soup (it’s older than you think), liked their parents, or immegrated from Russia to grow potatoes… and although I find it sad that so much of their lives are lost, I’m also drawn to these photos because of their secrets.

And my heart did a little flippy-floppy when I found this photo on the interwebs.

Go on, click the link and not squee. I dare you.


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