October 1

I love fall. I hate what it heralds, but I love, love love fall. I love the crisp weather, I love the jackets and boots, I love the smell of leaves and they way they crunch.

It’s also SILK, STEEL AND STEAM month – my novella’s print release is a measly 4 sleeps away! Click the link to order it and revel in the scent of fresh ink – Samhain has it on sale for $11.20 US instead of $16 US.

Fall is also canning season, and between making drawings like this for class:

I have been canning. See?

So far I`ve made green tomato apple chutney, cantaloupe pickles and apple butter. It`s my first year making anything but crabapple jelly (which I did not make this year since I still have 3 2010 jars) but canning has been providing a very satisfying respite from the back-to-school grind. After 6 years of blissful, easy working, school is kicking my butt and sapping my writing time in a big way. I can’t wait for reading week – stories are burbling!

But at least I can draw a cool 3D house.

Just don’t ask how long it took.


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