Welcome, YES participants!

Hello, and best of luck to you. 🙂 Welcome to my little blog, which is mostly about whatever I can think of at the time I want to write a post. I also wrote Bluebeard’s Machine, one of three steampunk romance novellas in the Silk, Steel and Steam anthology from Samhain.


PS. Want to know what kind of candy bears like? I saw a black bear polish off an entire box of hot tamales once! Darned bear stole it right out of my camp, then had the gall to sit within sight of where I was to chow down. Bears. They’re such jerks.


2 Responses to “Welcome, YES participants!”

  1. books4me says:

    Naughty bear! He could have at least eaten it in his cave or anywhere away from your camp. How rude! LOL

  2. mari says:

    I know! I think he was taunting me. Harrumph.