where I live

It’s 13C today.

Normally, it’d be about -20C around these parts, but there’s some sort of Arctic fluctuation or something that’s messing up my snow days. Not that I mind. Being able to air out the house in January is a thing of beauty.

The balmy weather also encouraged me to go for a walk today, and in my school-induced stupor I’d forgotten how awesome my neighbourhood is. Within a 5 minute walk of my house there is:

• An Italian grocery, two Asian groceries, a Safeway and a Co-op
• A second hand bookstore (with a great selection, I might add)
• A climbing wall
• At least 3 pizza places
• Two art supply stores
• A theatre costume shop
• A freakin’ magic shop. A MAGIC shop. Seriously.

…and these are just the places I’ve visited. There are also a handful of beauty parlours, a pawn shop, a Starbucks, a restaurant supply store with adorable teapots, two florists, a Buddhist temple and about a kajillion restaurants. My neighbourhood rocks.

I get that living centrally isn’t for everyone, and that some people love the quiet of the suburbs. But I love not having to use a car. I love being able to walk to get just about anything I want. I love the funny little bungalows and skinny infill housing and yes, even those somewhat gauche new developments that are way oversized for their lots.

Sure, there are problems. There’s graffiti and litter, homelessness and panhandlers. But so far the police haven’t pulled a dude out from under my porch at 2am at gunpoint, with a snarling police dog for backup. (My old neighbourhood was interesting).

So, this new place? It’s not perfect, and it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

And it’s 13C. Just sayin’.


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