Release Day!

HOW TO DATE A HENCHMAN is officially out in the world! It always feels strange when I know strangers are reading my book. I know that’s the point of books, but it amazes me that someone out there is brave enough to put their money down on something I wrote. I feel very lucky, and flattered, and thankful. I hope those of you that do, like it!

You can buy it on, or directly from Carina Press.









Gina Hall is a college dropout with big dreams. Working as the receptionist at EnClo Corp isn’t one of them, but she needs the paycheck, and she amuses herself by speculating what the mysterious company actually does. She’s even more intrigued when the owner arrives, bringing with him a very attractive man named Burke.

Burke’s job is more deadly than dead-end: as head henchman for Gina’s boss, aka supervillain Static, he makes sure his boss doesn’t end up in jail–or worse. But Static’s latest scheme is way more legitimate than either of them are used to. This time they have a real office–with a smart, sexy receptionist.

Unfortunately, Gina isn’t the only one curious about EnClo Corp’s business. When a superhero starts sniffing around, he proves to be less than heroic, and the lines between good and evil blur. Only Gina and Burke can foil his investigation…provided they can keep their hands off each other long enough to save the day.

26,000 words


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