How to Date a Henchman: Update

Man, oh man. What a crazy, wonderful week it’s been!

HOW TO DATE A HENCHMAN is out there in the world, you guys! This is amazing to me. I’m continually humbled and irrationally buoyant whenever anyone chooses to read my book, and knowing that people enjoy Gina and Burke has kind of made my September. And it’s barely begun!

If you’re looking for a little something more, check out the blog post I wrote for Carina Press on how I created my superfolks, and another post on what Burke’s favourite movie is. It isn’t ALIEN. Or ALIENS. Or even Terminator.

The day after my book was released, I went out and got laser eye surgery. I can see. It’s absolutely amazing. Stars are amazing. Leaves in sunshine are amazing. This whole time the world has been this cool and nobody told me!? And then I started the second year of my Masters degree, which is less amazing due to faculty rigmarole and uncertain classes that may mean that I won’t graduate on schedule. This makes me a cranky bunny.

But in the mean time, I have my little book and my laser eyes, and that’s a kind of superpower all on its own.


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