Book Meme: Day 05

Day 05 – A book or series you hate

Hate is such a strong, ugly word. It should really only be reserved for things that deserve it – rape, murder, unfettered greed, senseless violence, etc.

Most books don’t deserve that and I can’t think offhand of a book worthy of being hated, so I’m replacing “hate” with “dislike”.

I don’t read books I think I’ll dislike. Life is too short to torture myself, so if I come across a book or series I probably won’t like I won’t bother reading it. The few books that slip through my screening process that I won’t like, I stop reading. Simple as pie.

If a book/series contains the following, it probably isn’t for me:

  • Didactic prose that is going to change my life. I’m looking at you, Celestine Prophesy.
  • Heroines that are so amazing and everyone loves them. Be adored because you EARNED it, not because you’re born or have some sort of innate ability that makes you special.
  • Angels and/or demons. Most of these books make me squirm because they often don’t handle religion, or a multiplicity of religions and their believers, in a tasteful, tactful manner – or they ignore the multiplicity of religions for a strictly Judeo-Christian world. I also dislike how many of these books strip away the need for faith, which is one of the most beautiful things about religion (IMO). This makes me angry and uncomfortable.
  • Villains without a logical reason for being villains. I see this in mainstream thrillers a lot, and it takes a lot of the joy out of a thriller for me when the baddie is just… bad, or has weak motivation like “he’s crazy!”
  • Themes that are too much in favour of one gender or another – ie. Women rule and men are slaves! Or men rule and women are slaves! Blargh. The feminist in me rebels. Can’t we all get along?

There will always be exceptions to these rules, and I’m willing to give books with these themes/character types a chance, but… *shrugs* I be sceptical.


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