Book Meme: Day 06

Day 06 – Favorite book of your favorite series OR your favorite book of all time

This is SO HARD. Favourite books are like potato chips. You can’t just have one.

I have huge soft spots for The Manual of Detection and The Last Unicorn, but I’ve talked about those already. This question is a lot like the one from Day 04.

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull is, and always will be, a huge favourite of mine. There’s a faerie war happening, and to make it a real war the Unseeligh and Seeligh choose a mortal representative to confer their mortality on the battlefield. Eddie’s a punk rock singer who is chosen by the Seeligh court and gets stuck with an annoying trickster Phouka to protect her. I adore this book. I love how Emma Bull writes, how she builds her characters, how Eddi’s friends are friends and not just ways to move the plot along… I love, love, love this book.

Sabriel by Garth Nix is also a favourite. The necromancy and levels of death are so interesting, Sabriel is a fantastically strong character, and the whole thing is plotted so wonderfully I squee! whenever I read it. It’s a YA fast read that I can’t recommend highly enough. And the cover is scrumptious.

When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs is a fantastic, light novel I read ages and ages before her Mercy series was ever thought of (how indie of me). This is a comfort book. Kieran and Sham are interesting characters with vastly different views on how the world works, and I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery. This book generally makes me happy.

Deerskin by Robin McKinley… is a difficult book. It’s based on the fairytale Donkeyskin, in which a beautiful princess has to run away when her widowed father decides to marry her because she looks so much like the dead queen. The beginning of this book is loathsome in content but written by a pro, and the book itself is puts you through a wringer of violence, healing and love that’s just… wow. I love it. It’s not for everyone, but I love it.

I’ll probably think of more later. There’s so many good books out there!


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