Book Meme: Day 08

Argh, so updating the blog for an every-day meme isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. I could make excuses – I’m hip-deep in revisions for Bluebeard’s Machine, or the Fringe festival and mini donuts are maybe 100 feet from my house – but they’re just that: excuses.

So… here’s day 08! Wheee!

Day 08 – A book everyone should read at least once

Here’s the thing – there is no one book that will please everyone.

I can give a book to an urban fantasy fan that they’ll probably like, or a literary novel to someone who likes to read literature, and so on. But there is no one, single book everyone should read simply because everyone looks for something different from their books.

Some people like to learn something new. Some people want to be entertained. Some people want to be put through an emotional wringer and explore deep truths about families and growing up on the prairies in the winter, and some people just want swords and ninjas and explosions and stuff.

And that’s okay. What you, personally, want from a novel is up to you. Why you read is as individual as a fingerprint, and I’m not going to pretend there is one book that fits everyone.

Unless it’s Goodnight Moon, because that’s some good shit.


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