Book Meme: Day 20

Day 20 – Favourite kiss

The automatic response is to cite Buttercup and Wesley’s kiss from the Princess Bride, but I think that’s just because I’ve been told it’s the most epic kiss ever. I actually (gasp!) dislike the book. I can’t actually think of a favourite kiss.

Wait… yes, I can. Fairy tale kisses are my favourite. The kiss that changes a toad into a man, or a beast into a man. The witch’s kiss that enslaves the prince. The prince’s kiss that breaks the spell. I like kisses that do something special, something extraordinary. Even that Judas kiss, a dark, hateful kiss… that’s still fantastic. The kisses that change the world.

It’s not that romantic kisses don’t change the world – they change the world for the people whose lips have locked. But a magic kiss… there’s something to get excited about.


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