Book Meme: Day 24

Ugh, high-pressure salespeople having a miserable day on my doorstep are not fun. The guy was trying to sell me a better electricity rate and didn’t like the fact that I wanted to, y’know, take the information away and study it to see whether or not I was getting hoodwinked. Educating yourself before signing on the dotted line?! That way lies madness.

Day 24 – Best quote from a novel

The best quotes are the ones you don’t see coming – the ones that, while you’re reading, hide something so incredibly beautiful or funny or sad or strange or chilling in the text that compel you by the force of their amazingness to read aloud to the first person within earshot.

The boyfriend gets a lot of these.

Unfortunately, I have a memory like a sieve and quotes just don’t stick. That being said, I do remember two great instances in The Selected Works of T.S. Spivot – the one section where the too-mature-for-his age T.S. mentions he once appeased his older sister by giving her 24 feet of bubblegum tape, and another in which he explains in diagram form the McAwesome Trident of Desire, aka the Golden Arches. I’m a sucker for diagrams.


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