Book Meme: Day 26

Day 26 – OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending

I hate, with a raging, blinding, all-consuming passion, books with cliff-hanger endings. Like, oh… let’s say The Princess Bride.


It’s such a cop-out. You invest all this time and energy in a book and get to the final page to find out that the book doesn’t finish. It just ends. I don’t want to imagine how the book ends because I’m an especially dour, sour and downright crabby sort of reader who, if pissed off because there’s no more pages, will angrily imagine Fates Worse Than Death for every damn character mentioned.

What’s worse are the books that stop mid-paragraph, mid-action or even mid-sentence in preparation for the sequel. Like Humility Garden by Felicity Savage, who imagined one of my favourite settings ever – Salt – a viciously complex, sexually charged political drama with ghosters who kill for art, a facinating and alien Council of Gods, Flamens with salt crystals growing out of their eyes… love, sex, death, revenge, murder, art.. GOD I love it.

Except it ends mid-sentence with Humility Garden in a … compromising situation.


Except LOVE. Because love, sex, death, revenge, murder, art… that’s my favourite medly, folks.


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