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Bluebeard’s Machine is up for pre-order at and Barnes & Noble. This is hugely exciting, although I do admit that I am somewhat disappointed by the fact that it is not yet available for pre-order in Canada. Although I might be wrong. I didn’t look that hard.

That’s one of the things that really grates my goat (if I may mix a metaphor) – the whole Canadian-US shenanigans over book price. Books often cost $2 or more in Canada than they do in the US because book prices are set at the time of printing, and therefore book prices don’t react to economic fluctuations the way other goods do. Never the less, it’s galling to see a paperback that I buy for $9.99 cost only $7.99 for my friends south of the 49th when our money is worth the same.

The worst thing about it is that I don’t think we’ll ever see a price reduction north of the border. The last time the US dollar and Canadian loonie were at par, we didn’t see books priced the same for US and Canadian customers 6 months or a year down the line. No, that $2 price increase remained. Why change it when Canadians are used to getting hosed and there’s money to be made?

Harumph. My ereader is too new for me to have a good grasp of ebook prices in Canada, but I sincerely hope that the international price discrepancy isn’t reflected.

Although I’ll bet you $2 that it will be.


2 Responses to “more news”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    I can so sympathise. I’m in Australia, and the Aussie is dollar is going great guns – 98 US cents, the last I heard. But that doesn’t mean mass market paperbacks only cost $8 here. Unfortunately, we’re paying at least $13.

    Australia & Canada – we’re getting stooged!

  2. mari says:

    $13 for a paperback!? That’s insane. Yikes.

    And yes, we are getting stooged! Maybe Australia and Canada can form a club. New Zealand can come too.